About Us

About us

Mothershare is a non-profit registered charity (1185295) which provides mums, dads, carers and their children with the basic equipment and clothing to fight child poverty in Calderdale.

Our team of volunteers regularly collect donations of baby clothing, bedding and equipment, sorting and washing to ensure the donations we make are the best they can be.

Established in 2015 by two sisters Emmajayne and Kimberley, who having lived through child poverty themselves were inspired to try and improve their community.  After being informed shoplifting for essential baby items such as nappies and formula was rife in their area, they felt the urge to make a change. Without funding they were unable to tackle the issue directly but felt if they could recycle baby items from the public families could then spend their income on these essentials.

Operating from a spare room in a family member’s home, they started to build up donations via social media and tried to establish links with health visitors and midwives to create a referral service.

The Service quickly grew and within three months they were looking for premises to operate from. They were very grateful to secure space at The Threeways Centre within the area they were looking to help the most. Mothershare now has a board of six, have one paid member of staff thanks to securing external funding and have a dedicated team of five volunteers.

Catherine who is employed as the Service Co-ordinator has built upon their success and established links with many organisations to help support more families, including The Women’s Centre, Probationary Services, Family Intervention Teams and local primary schools to name a few. In addition to this, she has collaborated with many corporate bodies such as The Headley Venue and Towngate PLC’ to support Mothershare with practical activities and funding.

Our Team

We have a team of very dedicated volunteers without whom it would not be possible to run this service. However, we aim to encourage our local community to be involved with our project.

If you could spare a little free time, it might only be an hour, but that hour can help us in so many ways.  We have lots of opportunities from drivers, donation sorting assistants, fundraisers and even trustees. We would love to hear from you and be part of a community project that just loves giving essentials to those who need that little bit of assistance.













Julie - Treasurer



Vicky - Board Member















Our Mission

Mothershare offers a vital and important not for profit service to vulnerable families in Calderdale.  We have been building our service up for over 5 years and it’s based on our own experience, knowledge and situations.

Mothershare’s mission is to provide vulnerable children and families with a range of important items that can make the difference between having something and nothing.
From buggies to beds, cots to cradles, baby gates to bouncers, toys to t-shirts and much, much more

We offer this free support because we believe every child deserves the best start in life, but we recognise that sometimes, some children and families need a bit of extra support and help.

That’s why we at Mothershare are passionate about helping Calderdale families in need.